Janet Ferguson

Janet works across a range of media – drawing, paint, print and textiles – enjoying the variety and opportunity for experimentation that this offers. She enjoys the process of creating something as much as the outcomes – experimenting with the “what ifs?” just to see what might happen and allowing work to evolve, transform and reveal itself. There is a plan but this is rarely 100% adhered to or the accidental opportunities which frequently present themselves (commonly known as mistakes!) would be missed and lost forever. Sometimes she likes to just “follow the thread!”

Janet’s main interest is in colour, texture and how a piece of work makes her feel rather than in replicating what she sees. It is this emotional response that she seeks to create in the viewer.

Her belief is that any subject can be used for inspiration but there is often a close association with nature, place or memory. Recurring themes for her are the Yorkshire Wolds, the Seaside  and Africa.

Janet has a C&G Level 3 Embroidery, a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art and has also completed a ‘Foundation in Printmaking’ course at Red Hot Press, Southampton. She is a member of ‘Artseen’ and the ‘Chandlers Ford Art Society’ regularly exhibiting with them, as well as with Visual Marks.